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My name is Sarina - Doelahkasan I 'm excited , civilized Dutch speaking , cheerful , patient and have purpose in my work as Gastouder(child-minder) . I am a mother of two girls: Dyanti and Kawieta The idea is to continue working with children flourish because I have raised children . Internship in elementary school and then at a child-minder at home are experiences that are deeply rooted in my heart to raise children, care guide and support to self-reliance. The work is so fun because I love kids and kids love me. Can I exercise my creativity by performing fun activities with the children . It is also wonderful to see how children develop from someone who cannot walk up to someone who have a will of her/his own.

Gastouder Pinguins

About Gastouder Pinguïns  

About Sarina als Gastouder:
Sarina has all the papers required by the state and training necessary to ensure a safe stay of your child (ren ) . Sarina has also learned what to do with children in emergency cases , see here Sarina's official certificates.


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leerbedrijfApproved apprenticeship Gastouder Penguins recognized by Vocational learning company . This allows the trainees to be assured that the internship actually contributes to their training and development. As an intern you will get weekly coaching call and there is room for making your school assignments. There is a regular place for trainees undergoing training Helping Care and Welfare at levels 1 and 2 . Are you interested in an internship at Gastouder Penguins ? Call for more information or send a letter and provide you curriculum vitae to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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